Citrus Gems - Native Citrus

Citrus australasica

A collection of citrus native to Australia.

Varieties include - Desert Limes, Rainforest Pearl, Red Centre Lime, Sunrise Lime & Judy's Everbearing.

We have selected the best varieties from the vast range of native limes to bring you the most reliable, vivid and flavoursome.

Know and enjoyed for centuries by indigenous Australian’s native limes are now hugely popular with the domestic gardener through to the professional chef. Citrus Gems are a group of adaptable, quirky trees, uniquely Australian and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. They are suited to both pot and garden cultivation. All Citrus Gems are grafted onto citrus rootstock. Which ensures plant health, vigour and increases the plants ability to produce abundant crops of fruit from an early age.Citrus Gems respond well to pruning. Citrus Gems are extremely hardy and tolerant of frost and dry conditions.

Rainforest Pearl (Finger lime) - Citrus Gems Cylindrical, finger sized and shaped fruit. Fruit is usually produced in autumn. Fragrant thin green skin blushed with crimson. Slice fruit open to reveal a vault of glistening citrus pearls bursting with juicy limey flavours. Originating from the understory Rainforest Pearl naturally enjoys dappled light, although performs best in full sun, in a warm protected location.Use the citrus pearls as a delicious garnish for seafood and shellfish, use fruit whole or sliced when making tangy marmalade's and sauces.

Judy’s Everbearing – Citrus Gems Judy’s Everbearing produces cylindrical, finger sized shaped fruit, from summer into autumn, and it is not uncommon to have occasional fruit appear through out the year. Judy’s Everbearing produces excellent crops of tasty finger limes, with a very dark green skin, full of glistening citrus pearls.The fruit colour may vary in accordance to climatic region.Originating from the understory, Judy’s Everbearing naturally enjoys a dappled light, although performs best in full sun in a warm protected location.Use the citrus pearls as a delicious garnish for seafood and shellfi sh. Use the fruit whole or sliced when making tangy marmalade's and sauces.

Sunrise Lime – Citrus Gems Sunrise Lime is a cross between a finger lime and calamondin and produces an elegant pear-shaped golden fruit that is juicy and sharp in flavour.The fruit can be eaten whole as the skin and pith is sweet. Sunrise Lime makes a beautiful ornamental plant choice for pots or garden plantings.Winter fruiting. Developed by the CSIRO.

Desert Lime – Citrus Gems high yielding tree that produces grape sized, lemon like fruit with a wild taste of lime.Desert limes usually appear in summer.The sweet tangy fruit has a very thin skin and requires no peeling, just slice it or use the whole fruit to make a zesty lime pickle or marmalade – macerate fruit in a sugar syrup or pop one into your icy cold beer for an Australian twist on a Mexican tradition.Desert Limes are extraordinarily tolerant of dry conditions.

Red Centre Lime (Australian Blood Lime) – Citrus Gems Red Centre Lime, also known as the Australian Blood Lime, is a cross between a finger lime and a mandarin that produces lustrous red, egg shaped fruit about the size of a cumquat. The combination of ruby red skin with a luscious red citrus pulp and a tangy pink juice makes Red Centre Lime the perfect addition to your garden and fruit bowl.Winter fruiting. Developed by the CSIRO.


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