In the year 1919 Alfred Thomas Eyles (Tommy, or A.T) commenced a horticultural dynasty.
A.T Eyles began
growing Citrus trees at Fairmount Nursery in Rydalmere NSW.

As the Nursery developed and relocated site many times, three of A.T’s sons came to join
him in the Citrus
business. Jim in 1931, Tom in 1936 and Bob in 1942. A.T. Eyles and Sons
was the now the name and nature
of the business.

Citrus was the focus of the nursery business with the boys producing 100,000 trees per year.
The Citrus
trees were field grown and dug upon order. Budding was done with raffia and wax,
until 1956 when plastic
budding tape became available.

A.T passed on in 1962 and a few years after this the brothers parted ways. Jim and Tom
going on to grow
roses, Bob continued with the Citrus production.

Bob Eyles purchased two properties in Pitt Town Road Kenthurst NSW in 1970. One of these
properties 207
is the current site of A.T Eyles & sons today.

Gary Eyles, Bob’s son came on board to continue the Eyles Citrus dynasty in 1969.
Production was now
moving away from the traditional commercial orchard varieties of
citrus. To meet the increasing demand
from the retail sector more eclectic Citrus varieties
were grown. The sales on field grown Citrus were also
waning and it was during the
seventies that Bob and Gary started experimenting with container grown plants.

It was in 1981 that they sold their first container grown plants and by 1986 they had
completely altered
production to container grown.

Gary and his wife Jan took over the Nursery from Bob in 1981 and have continued to
evolve and develop
the site and Citrus production. Over 40 varieties of Citrus are
grown today.




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