Eureka Seedless Lemon

The best of the lemons - now it's SEEDLESS!

The Seedless Eureka Lemon was originally developed for commercial citrus growers, catering to the domestic and international demand for a seedless lemon. After a decade of development and extensive trials, the seedless Eureka is now available to Australian Gardeners for their seed free pleasure and lemon tangy delight.

Eureka Lemon is renowned for it’s sharp tasting, juicy fruit and very productive habit. The fruit is an elegant oval in shape with a bright yellow, thin rind. The fruit predominately appears in winter through to spring.

It is not unusual to have fruit appear on the tree at other times of the year. Tolerant of a wide range of climates, Eureka is a suitable and desirable citrus for most Australian regions.

A vigorous and spreading tree Seedless Eureka will grow to around 5 metres in optimum conditions, however the tree is easily pruned and reduced in size without compromising its fruit production.

Impressively presented in a vintage retro style pot.

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